Lady Colin Campbell: who is the mysterious Lady C in the I’m a Celebrity jungle?

She is quickly becoming the star of the series, but the details of the royal biographer’s life are full of surprises.

Lady Colin Campbell was the left-field name in the final line-up for this year’s I’m a Celebrity, prompting many viewers to ask the simple question, ‘Who?’

She goes by many names - Lady C, Georgie, ‘the writer who terrifies high society’ – but for most fans of the ITV reality show, she’s an unknown.

So who is this woman who insists on using cutlery even when eating an animal bum, describes viewers at home as “oiks” and only takes one day to find a reason to have a meltdown on Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley?

Lady Colin Campbell

Here is everything you need to know about the surprising jungle star:

1. Lady Colin Campbell was christened George William Ziadie and was born with genital deformities that meant she was incorrectly registered as a boy. She was born on August 17, 1949 in Jamaica.

2. She once dated former EastEnders actor Larry Lamb. She described the ex-soap star as a “darling”.

3. Lady C compared the bullying she suffered at her all-boys school because of her female traits to the actions of the Nazis.
“It was horrendous, like a glimpse into the bowels of Hell,” she told the Telegraph.

“Don’t ask me about it – would you ask somebody who was yanked out of the showers at Auschwitz to describe the scent of Zyklon B?”

4. She became Lady Colin Campbell in 1974, when only five days after meeting him, she wed Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll.

Despite trying to get rid of her title after they divorced, she has been unable to shake the moniker and was eventually persuaded to keep using it by her publishers who clearly believed the title was a good selling point for her books.

Lady Colin Campbell

5. Lady C’s parents forced her to undergo horrific hormone therapy treatment because they refused to accept the truth that she was a girl.
It was her grandmother who finally helped her, paying for her to have corrective surgery when she was 21.

6. On her 21st birthday, she changed her name to Georgia Arianna.

7. She adopted two Russian boys in 1993, Misha and Dima. “They are the lights of my life,” she said.

8. Lady Colin walked out of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York during her second year and realised that she wanted to become a writer

Once she had “concentrated on the serious business of finding myself a husband”, she turned to writing as a serious career.

Lady Colin Campbell

9. Her most notorious book Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows was in 1992 largely ridiculed by royalists as the work of a fantasist. However, many of her claims were later vindicated as details about Diana’s personal life were eventually exposed.

10. The 2012 biography, The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyons featured equally scandalous revelations about the Royal Family, although many of the claims remain unproven, including the highly controversial allegation that the Queen Mum was the daughter of a French cook.

She describes critics of her books as “sycophants and suck-up merchants”.

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