Line of Duty series 4 episode 2 review – 5 burning questions

5 burning questions after the big twist in the latest episode of the BBC One crime thriller.

She survived! We’re still in the dark as to how Thandie Newton’s Roz Huntley came out unscathed from Tim Ifield’s chainsaw attack – maybe he died of a heart attack after she opened her eyes? – but the head of Operation Trapdoor is very much still alive.

However, she has a slight problem. She’s killed a colleague and now she’s got to somehow keep one step ahead of  AC-12, forensics and her own team's investigations.

Jason Watkins sinister Tim Ifield may be gone, but he's left a sprawling web of problems to keep Huntley on her toes and even the tiniest splatter of blood on a kitchen surface could end up proving her downfall.

AC-12 have their own problems as tensions between Steve (Martin Compston) and Kate (Vicky McClure) are bubbling over a promotion to Inspector and Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) keeps putting his foot in it with his dinosaur-like approach to dealing with female colleagues, or "wee girls" as he prefers to call them.

Here are the five burning questions we have after episode 2:

1. Is Roz Huntley corrupt or just under pressure and very unlucky?

Thandie Newton in Line of Duty

Roz has killed a colleague, tampered with evidence and framed him as a killer - so the signs aren’t good.

However, Tim Ifield really could have been the balaclava man. And he was about to dispose of her body in the most grisly manner.

So is her only real crime, going gung-ho on Michael Farmer and piling up the evidence against him without taking due care and protection? And if that’s the case, does the blame really sit with her or her cold and slimy superior Hilton (Paul Higgins)?

2. Is the theme for this series institutional sexism?

Line of Duty Tes Hastings

From Hastings mutterings of “darlings” and “wee lass” to Steve Arnott’s rivalry with Kate for the inspector job, writer Jed Mercurio is dealing smartly with issues of sexism in 2017.

Hastings is a good man, we know that from previous series, and he’s probably correct to observe that it would look off if her went for an evening drink with a young female colleague like Kate. However, his manner and approach with Kate and Roz shows how even old values die hard.

Steve and Hastings interrogation of Roz and assumption that she would be feeling resentful after a career break to start a family felt particularly uncomfortable.

3. What is the deal with Nick Huntley?

Lee Ingleby in Line of Duty

Roz’s husband, played by Lee Ingleby, has only made a couple of brief cameos so far, but there’s something not quite right about him.
Whether it was the lingering shot of his car boot in episode one or his rather weak story about “having a drink with Jimmy” on the night of Tim and Roz’s showdown.

The Huntley household looks cold and loveless and we’d wager good money that Nick is tied up in the balaclava man case in some way or another.

4. What is DCI Buckells doing back?

The second throwback to series one of the show (after Derek Hilton), bumbling Buckells has replaced Huntley as the lead on Operation Trapdoor following AC-12’s investigation.

Has Mercurio just thrown Buckells in as a red herring and possibly as a nod to the fact that Kate and Steve’s increased profile and reputation in the force? Or is there something linking this series to the first that we haven’t spotted.

Vicky McClure

It can only be a matter of time before Neil Morrissey’s Nige Morton makes his annual comeback.

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5. How did Roz know Tim’s laptop password

Maybe there’s a simple explanation, but we doubt Tim was the sort of man to have a 1-2-3-4 password to get into his laptop.

And if Huntley’s the sort of person that can hack a security-addict’s computer, surely she’d be better at paying attention to numbers. It was 13, not 30.

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Line of Duty airs on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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