Lorraine Kelly - 5 surprising facts about the Wedding Day Winners presenter

How well do you know the breakfast telly favourite currently spending Saturday nights alongside comedian Rob Beckett on BBC One's Wedding Day Winners?

Any programme with Lorraine Kelly at the helm instantly feels warm and welcoming, so it’s no surprise that she’s fronting a wedding-themed gameshow – although it is a surprise that it’s on the BBC.

Presenter Lorraine has jumped ship from ITV, albeit for Saturday nights only, and has brought comedian Rob Beckett along as her plus-one for Wedding Day Winners.

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The show sees engaged couples and their loved ones battle it out over a series of Generation Game-style challenges to win a series of prizes and even a honeymoon, before saying “I do” in front of the nation at the end of the episode.

Find out more about the face of the show, Lorraine, with our five fascinating facts about the TV star.

You won’t see her in the Big Brother house, the jungle, or the Strictly ballroom

Ever thought Lorraine seems like such an obvious choice for a reality show that it’s strange she hasn’t been in one?

The breakfast TV presenter explained to The Guardian that it wasn’t just a case of having slipped through the net.

“I’d rather eat my own head than do a reality show,” she said. 

“The obsession with reality stars is just a cycle – it will go away. I feel incredibly sorry for the people caught up in it, they’re just cannon fodder.”

She wouldn’t call herself bubbly

Lorraine, famous for her chatty interviewing style, admitted to The Telegraph: “I’m actually quite shy.

“A lot of people think that if I was at a party I’d be the life and soul, but I’m quite quiet. My husband is the outgoing one. When he walks in you think, ‘OK, we can have fun now.’”

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Be careful of labelling her a national treasure

We know her as the familiar face that fronts Lorraine, hosts STV Children’s Appeal, and is a regular fixture on Good Morning Britain, so you could be forgiven for thinking of her as a “national treasure”.

But despite her long and successful career, Lorraine can’t bear being tagged with the title.

She told The Guardian: “I cringe when I’m called a national treasure. It’s not for the likes of me. That’s for the likes of Judi Dench or Barbara Windsor who have served their time at the coalface and are still kicking a***.”

Her worst ever interviewee was Bruce Willis

Although Lorraine makes no secret of being thrilled that she gets to interview Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman, she has revealed that meeting Die Hard star Bruce Willis was a less-than-cosy chat.

The cheerful presenter told Digital Spy: "Tom Hanks is my favourite - bright, interesting, grounded.

"You have to interview them in a hotel sometimes and you know instantly this is going to be great fun because everyone is smiling and happy, everyone's having a great time. And then it can be someone like Bruce Willis...

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"And they're all stressed because he doesn't enjoy doing it. I always say to myself, 'Don't do it, don't make everybody's life miserable - and don't have that chippy mentality and don't make everybody's life difficult.

"I don't see the point. And I remember interviewing Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith - he's another one who is great - who say, 'It's our job, why wouldn't we do it?'."

She’s embraced being 50 and beyond

Unlike some TV stars, Lorraine had no qualms about hitting her 50s and isn’t worried about ageing.

In fact, she told Good Housekeeping that if anything, her look had improved with age: “There are times when I haven’t looked great. I have worn clothes that weren’t flattering. I’ve had hair styles that weren’t flattering, and I wish that someone had taken me in hand. It’s only been since I turned 50 that I’ve felt really comfortable on TV.”

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Lorraine added to The Telegraph: “I think it’s lovely when people say, ‘You don’t look 55.’ Better that than pretending to be 49 and people saying, ‘Ooh, she’s not aged very well.’”

Wedding Day Winners continues on Saturdays at 7.25pm on BBC One.