Our Girl fans crushed after cliffhanger ending: Will there be another series?

Series 4 is in the balance after the finale of the Michelle Keegan series ended with a literal cliffhanger.

Is Michelle Keegan’s Our Girl going to get a series 4?

We’re no closer to getting answer on that after this week’s dramatic cliffhanger, which left fans of the show crushed and desperate for answers.

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The finale of season 3 split viewers with a controversial romantic conclusion between Michelle Keegan’s Georgie Lane and Captain Charlie James (Ben Aldridge). In the end, Charlie and Georgie got together, angering fans of the first series, who were hoping for a return from Lacey Turner’s Molly Dawes – the show’s original lead character.

Michelle Keegan in Our Girl

However, there was no happy ending for any of the characters as the series concluded with 2 Section attempting to outrun an armed cartel until they were trapped and forced to leap from a cliff to escape.

Whether anyone survived the fall remains to be seen – ending the show on a true cliffhanger.

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The BBC and Our Girl writer Tony Grounds haven’t confirmed a fourth series yet and fans fear the show may be axed after it was shuffled around in the schedules due to the World Cup and Wimbledon over recent weeks.

Fans reacted with a mixture of heartbreak and anger at the inconclusive ending:


The split between Captain James and Mollie also annoyed some viewers:

The BBC and Tony Grounds haven't commented on a fourth series... yet:

Our Girl

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