Owner of ‘world’s most violent cat’ needs cricket pads and thick gloves to touch aggressive feline

Nixon the cat is so vicious that he has been dubbed 'the world's most violent cat', and featured in Channel 5's Psycho Pussies: When Cats Attack.

A cat dubbed the ‘world’s most violent’ requires its owner to wear heavy-duty cricket shin pads and thick gloves to pick it up.

Four-year-old cat Nixon lives in Nottingham with Lynzi, who describes her cat’s breed as “British cross Russian cross Devil”.

“The problem is his unpredictability,” she explained in Channel 5’s Psycho Pussies: When Cats Attack. “He can be as sweet as pie one minute and then he just goes ballistic.”

Cats Attack

Nixon even has his own Facebook page where he is described as the world’s most violent cat.

“He’s gone for my head, my legs and he will latch on – dig his teeth in and shred and tear to get that skin off.

“He goes for the kill and if he could get to my throat he would do,” she said.

Lynzi also explained that she attends her local medical walk-in centre so regularly that she has become well-known to the staff there.

Cats Attack

But despite her moggy’s aggression, Lynzi has no plans to get rid of him. “I just love him” she explains. "He's a perfectly healthy cat and I can't put a perfectly healthy animal down.

"If it's at my detriment, then so be it. But he is a part of my family".

Photo credit: Channel 5

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