Peaky Blinders star says politicians are worse than gangsters

Finn Cole has spoken about politics and the new series of the show.

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Last updated: 18 July 2019 - 11.50pm

Peaky Blinders star Finn Cole has said that politicians are worse than gangsters.

The actor, who plays Michael Gray, has said that the Shelby family featured in the series will make a dubious foray into politics, with Tommy becoming an MP.

Cole has said that political ambition will only make things worse for the on-screen villains, who he still believes are less compromised then real-life politicians.

He said: “I always think that politicians are worse than the baddest gangsters.”

Cole added: “I think it will get even worse. This excursion into politics is only going to make things worse.”

Peaky Blinders series five
Tommy Shelby begins life as an MP in the new series. (Matt Squire/Caryn Mandabach Prod/PA)

The actor said that the series continues to grow, and the cast are delighted to bring out the slickness of their characters.

He said: “We’re trying to make something that’s not only beautiful to film, with great storylines and great characters, but we try to have as much fun doing it as possible.

“There is an element of cool in these characters that we really enjoy bringing out.”

Co-star Helen McCrory, who plays Polly Gray, has said that the compelling plot of the show has made it popular.

She said: “At the end of the day the real reason that it’s so popular is story.”

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