Saffron Barker on Strictly WhatsApp: No one has been kicked off yet

The Youtube star is preparing for Blackpool with AJ Pritchard.

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Last updated: 15 November 2019 - 1.30pm

Saffron Barker has revealed no one has been kicked off the Strictly Come Dancing group chat yet.

The Youtube star and partner AJ Pritchard are still in touch with couples who have left the show, with messages of support shared in a WhatsApp chat.

After Chris Ramsey admitted he had to be careful with his gags on the messenger, Barker has revealed no one has been kicked out of the group.

Strictly Come Dancing 2019
Saffron Barker (left) and AJ Pritchard arrive at Blackpool Tower. (Dave Nelson/PA)

Barker welcomed the support from stars who have left the show, and said everyone is still in touch.

Speaking at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, she said: “No one has been kicked off the group chat.”

She added: “Everyone still stays in contact which is still really nice.

“Everyone is still in the same group chat. Everyone is still getting updates.”

Speaking backstage ahead of the famous Blackpool live show, Barker said that despite reaching the famed venue, she still had the appetite to continue dancing.

She said: “I have fallen in love with dancing. I know that I never want it to end.

“I’m just ridiculously proud of myself that I have made it to Blackpool.

“In a way there is less pressure, but I still want to be here next week.”

Barker and Pritchard dance again when Strictly returns to BBC One on Saturday at 7.05pm.

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