Trauma review: Did the doctor get it wrong? 5 burning questions about the John Simm and Adrian Lester drama

Did the doctor get it wrong? Catch up on the John Simm and Adrian Lester drama.

Teaming up the creator of Doctor Foster Mike Bartlett with John Simm and Adrian Lester was always going to create fantastic television.

The end result is ITV’s Trauma, an event drama series stripped across three days this week.

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Simm and Lester play fathers with contrasting lives. Lester's Jon is the high-flying surgeon, who is cool, calm and living a dream family life. Simm’s Dan is about to lose his job, doesn’t know how he’s going to provide for his kids and is bitter about the life that he’s been dealt.

When Jon's son Alex is stabbed and he dies on the operating table under Jon's knife, the grief drives Jon to blame the surgeon. He believes the doctor had been drinking and was negligent, but will he be able to find the proof and get what he considers justice for his son?

As melodramatic and fraught as Doctor Foster, Trauma is fast-paced, emotional and addictive The only downside? The series will be all over on Wednesday.

Here are the five burning questions we have after episode one.

1. Did Jon get it wrong?

Adrian Lester in Trauma

Was he right to scrub up on his day off? It was his birthday, he may have had a sniff of red wine and he was clearly flustered and tired when he arrived at the hospital.

When the surgery started to go wrong, where was the cool-head that helped him save his daughter on the cliff-face in the opening scene?

Is Dan correct that Jon made some glaring mistakes and errors, which could easily have been avoided? And do we just take his word as sacred because he’s a well-spoken doctor, who we’re supposed to trust.

2. What is driving Dan – grief or bitterness?

Trauma on ITV

Trauma is a classic psychological-thriller, but at its heart there is a very modern story about the haves and have-nots and the people who tell us what to do and the people who just have to listen.

Many viewers pointed out that they felt Dan’s aggression and grief was angled in the wrong direction. He should have been hunting the people who stabbed his son, not the doctor who tried to save him.

So is Dan's anger coming from bittterness at the sight of a man who has a life he could never have or does he genuinely believe the surgeon made a big mistake.

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3. How far will Dan go to get revenge?

John Simm

He’s now working in the hospital coffee shop, so he can lurk around the corridors of the hospital to haunt and stalk Jon.
As Dan’s life so falls apart, where will his obsession end in getting reveng – or as he sees it – justice. Could Jon and his family’s life end up in danger?

4. Why was Alex stabbed?

We have to presume it was the boys following him on bikes, but Alex seemed like a good kid. Was he in trouble that his parents didn’t know about? Was he being bullied? Or did his wandering eye for girls at school get him in bother with some bad eggs.

5. Does Nora (Jemima Rooper) know that Jon got it wrong?

Jemima Rooper

She only said the word “Jon”, but there was an urgency to her tone. The close-up on the surgeon’s flickering eyes as Alex’s life slowly slipped away was telling. Jon’s invincibility and unflappable confidence was cracked.

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