What is Baptiste? When is The Missing spin-off airing and who is in the cast? All you need to know

Prepare to find out more about the enigmatic detective from BBC series The Missing, who is about to get his own show.

Thriller series The Missing has been a huge hit for the BBC in both of its series, keeping viewers guessing right through to the last moment of the mystery unravelling.

Series one and two followed very different tales, but the linking factor was detective Julien Baptiste who investigated both missing person cases.

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Over the course of the two series, we found out a little about his own troubled home life, but prepare to delve further into his world with the forthcoming spin-off series Baptiste.

Who is in the cast?


Call the Midwife stra Jessica Raine has been confirmed for the cast in the highly anticipated BBC One series,

Filming has commenced on Baptiste, a thrilling new drama written by the creators of The Missing, Harry & Jack Williams, starring Tchéky Karyo as the insightful but stubborn investigator Julien Baptiste.

Jessica Raine is to play the role of Genevieve.Filming will take place in Antwerp, Ghent, Amsterdam and Deal in Kent.

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When Julien and his wife are on a visit to Amsterdam, the Chief of Police - who also happens to be an old girlfriend - seeks out his help due to his renowned and methodical crime solving skills.

Baptiste is rapidly embroiled in a case that looks beyond the beautiful streets, canals and houses of Amsterdam to the seamy underworld beneath.


A stellar cast includes Alec Secareanu (God’s Own Country), Clare Calbraith (Downton Abbey), Nicholas Woodeson (Taboo), Anastasia Hille (The Missing) and Talisa Garcia (Silent Witness).

Local Belgian talent includes Barbara Sarafian, Boris Van Severen, and Martha Canga.

Harry and Jack Williams said, “We are so pleased to welcome Jessica Raine to our brilliant cast; her talent and commitment are perfect for Genevieve and we're really excited to see what she does with the character.”

Tcheky Karyo will return as title character Julien Baptiste, something he has said he is very much looking forward to.

Tcheky said: “Julien Baptiste is very dear to me, so I’m really excited to be following his journey to the streets of Amsterdam and seeing what dark secrets he unveils this time. No doubt he’ll continue to take great risks all in the name of justice.”

The BBC recently announced that Rev. and The Night Manager star Tom Hollander had joined the series' cast, although we don’t yet know who his character will be.

Tom said: "I am very excited to be working with [writers] Harry and Jack Williams. They are brilliant story tellers of nuance and suspense."

Harry and Jack Williams added: “Julien Baptiste lives! It’s an absolute pleasure to be writing the character of Baptiste again, and working with the utterly brilliant Tchéky Karyo, who brings such depth and individuality to Julien.”

When is Baptiste on TV?



Baptiste begins on BBC One on Sunday, Februay 17th at 9pm.

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What is Baptiste?

The Missing hooked viewers with its tense stories of children who had gone missing and their parents’ desperate search to bring them back home.

Series one, which starred James Nesbitt, featured a young boy who went missing on a family holiday and uncovered the truth about what happened to him on the night of his disappearance.

In series two, Keeley Hawes and David Morrissey played the parents of a girl who had gone missing from the Army base where they lived before apparently reappearing years later.

Both series saw skilled but troubled detective Julien Baptiste investigate the cases and get to the truth, whilst also battling his own demons at home.

He and his wife Celia had been struggling for many years with their daughter’s drug addiction, and Baptiste’s close involvement with his line of police work had led to some terrifying situations for him, including one which left him with a heavy limp.

The new series, which will focus on Baptiste, will follow the detective to Amsterdam where he is on a rare holiday with Celia.

But the Baptistes’ relaxation time doesn’t last long – Julien is soon called in by the city’s chief of police who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend, and is asked to provide his expertise on a case that has her baffled.

He finds himself looking past the beautiful canals and buildings of Amsterdam to the seedy underworld of the city in a shocking and wide-ranging new case.

Why isn't it called The Missing series 3?

Baptiste - Jessica Raine

Writers Harry and Jack Williams haven't ruled out The Missing series 3 and admit that they did begin to plan out a plot, but the brothers said that they ran into a big problem when they started on the project.

"We realised that Missing 3 and Julien Baptiste were incompatible," they told Digital Spy.

The pair said that they were running into a problem of repeating themselves and didn't want to make Baptiste look useless with endless failed cases. A prequel was considered, but the brothers didn't want to lose Tcheky Karyo, so a spinoff was the next best option.

Moving away from The Missing format means that the new series will have a less complex puzzle of timelines.

Baptiste is set within the timeframe of a couple of days and will be "Very contained... Very claustrophobic and very intense."

Will there be any references to The Missing backstory or Easter Eggs in Baptiste?


Could we ever see the return of James Nesbitt's Tony Hughes from The Missing series 1 or Sgt Eve Stone (Laura Fraser) from series 2?

The brothers have claimed there will be no cameos in the first series of Baptiste - but of course, they would say that - but haven't ruled out the show potentially have crossovers in later series down the line.

"We love the world of The Missing, and we always think of bringing people back," Harry told Digital Spy.

"When it’s appropriate, I think we will. We haven’t this time, but the more it goes on, the more people Julien's encountered, the more potential there is for that."

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Episode 1 preview

Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) is trying his best to enjoy retired life with his family in Amsterdam, but when Police Commissioner and former girlfriend Martha Horchner (Barbara Sarafian) asks him to assist with a missing person's case, Julien can’t refuse.

He meets Edward Stratton (Tom Hollander) who has been desperately scouring the streets of Amsterdam to find his niece, sex worker Natalie Rose (Anna Prochniak). Julien has great empathy for Edward’s plight and the two men delve into the seamy and criminal underworld of the red light district looking for clues as to Natalie’s whereabouts.

But the case takes an unexpected turn and Julien soon finds himself unravelling a complex web of deceit and lies.

Episode 2 preview

Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) wrestles with the discovery that Edward Stratton (Tom Hollander) is not who he claims to be - and a great distrust develops between the two men.
Meanwhile the pressure is starting to overwhelm Edward, who takes desperate measures to track down Natalie (Anna Prochniak).

When her whereabouts are detected, a tragedy unfolds that propels Julien to assume he has uncovered Edward’s true motives. He makes a shocking discovery that finally sheds light on Edward’s extreme behaviour - but still leaves many questions unanswered

Baptiste begins on BBC One airs on Sundays at 9pm.

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