Where is Shipwrecked filmed?

Find out where the castaways are headed, if the location of the reality TV show really is as remote as it seems, and whether you can visit the tropical paradise for yourself.

Shipwrecked has set sail for the tropical paradise once more – but where will the comeback series see its contestants marooned?

The backstabbing and rows of reality TV are not for everyone, but most of us can agree that the sheer location of the show looks like it would make up for a lot.

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Read on to discover where Shipwrecked 2019 was filmed, and how you can visit the same islands.

Where is Shipwrecked filmed?

The new 2019 series of Shipwrecked sees the reality show contestants travel to the Cook Islands, a collection of 15 small islands scattered across 700,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean. 

The islands they’ll be inhabiting are in the lagoon at Aitutaki, an old haunt of previous incarnations of the show.

Once the contestants have been abandoned, they’ll be split into two camps – Shark island and Tiger island, and they’ll be in competition to bag the £50,000 prize money for their team.

Despite being so far away from home, the new islanders mostly loved their back-to-basics experience.

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Model Harry said: “I would go back in a heartbeat. Waking up to the sun every day and the sunset - I would happily live there. I made some good friends there.”

Graduate Emma added: “I loved the day-to-day stuff of us all going and having a wash in the sea. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean is the thing that I miss the most.”

Where were the previous series filmed?

Most series of Shipwrecked, including the very first one, have taken place in the Cook Islands so it was the obvious location to return to.

The island of Moturakau, which is part of Aitutaki, was the original Shipwrecked island in 2000 and it made a reappearance when the series relaunched in 2006 as one of two competing islands (the other was Rapota, another island in the atoll).

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In Shipwrecked’s second series, the producers tried out a new location by sending their contestants to Tonga.

Series three also ventured to new shores, this time Fiji, where it launched the careers of contestants Jeff Brazier, Chloe Everton, and Sarah-Jane Crawford.

Where are the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands is a group of 15 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, in free association with New Zealand.

Lying between French Polynesia and American Samoa, they are grouped into the Southern Cook Islands and the Northern Cook Islands.

They’re made up of coral atolls, which means they’re sunken volcanoes topped by coral growth, and in addition to the 15 islands there are two reefs.

People living on the Cook Islands have citizenship of New Zealand.

How can I visit them?

Tourism is the Cook Islands’ main form of business, so it’s a great place to have a holiday and recreate Shipwrecked (hopefully with fewer arguments).

If you’ve been tempted by the beautifully clear waters that feature on the show, try out snorkelling to see the coral and tropical fish, swimming, and water sports such as kite surfing and paddle boarding.

Visitors can travel to Aitutaki’s gorgeous lagoon, star of the show in Shipwrecked, where you’ll get a taste of life in beach paradise.

There’s plenty to do inland, too, with challenging hikes and chances to spot some amazing wildlife in the forests.

You’ll need to fly via New Zealand, Australia, or Los Angeles to catch another flight on to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, or you can take a yacht from New Zealand to arrive in true beach-dweller style.

Shipwrecked returns to E4 on Monday, January 28 at 9pm.

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