Zawe Ashton: You are always last priority on male-dominated projects

The actress also revealed she would like to have a baby.

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Last updated: 11 September 2019 - 4.40pm

Actress Zawe Ashton has said she is planning to tackle unacceptable on-set behaviour, and will “call abuse when it’s abuse”.

The 35-year-old told Bustle UK that “when you work in film sets, when you’re working on projects that are male dominated, you are always treated as the last priority”.

She said: “There have been times when, like in sex scenes or whatever, I’ve just been expected to get on with it.

“No conversation, no time wasting, you’re just supposed to minimise your space, and let the money-making industry crack on because time is money.”

She added: “I’m going to call abuse when it’s abuse, and I’m going to call micro-aggression when it’s micro-aggression.”

The actress also opened up about wanting to be a mother in the wide-ranging interview.

Zawe Ashton
Zawe Ashton (Matthew Priestley/Bustle UK)

“I would like to have a baby,” she said.

“I’ve never said that before, but women never say it.

“It’s not in the works, and it’s not being planned.”

“The widespread shame of motherhood is criminal, and it needs to stop,” she went on.

“The world can never improve if you disrespect the people that bring life.”

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