Corrie spoilers: Will Carla Connor have a shock romance with a member of the Barlow clan?

Alison King has just teased her Carla's return to Coronation Street will see her embark on a surprise fling with an unlikely suitor...

It’s just been revealed that Corrie legend Carla Connor will be returning to the cobbled streets after an 18-month hiatus on December 22.

We’ve also been told that she’ll be returning with a massive secret that will show a more vulnerable side to the steely character.

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However, Alison King revealed in her comeback interview that Carla will embark on a brief and unexpected fling with an unlikely suitor.

"There is someone she has a little fling with, but she is a bit like a cat with a mouse playing with him," she said.

"It’s something to do, it's not a big romance, and she also has another agenda for setting her sights on this person,” Alison said.

So who will be the lucky fellow? All roads seem to be pointing to none other than Daniel Osbourne.

corrie daniel osbourne

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Corrie boss and producer Kate Oates also recently hinted that Daniel is in store for a new romance.

“She's unexpected. I think that people will go, 'Oh! That's a slightly crazy pairing!' I don't want to give too much away," the showrunner said.

"It's one of those slightly unusual dynamics where, if you think about it, you can see what each of them is getting out of the relationship, but on paper you might think, 'Oh, that's a surprise'.”

If the troubled son of Ken Barlow is to embark on this steamy affair with Carla, we can only imagine it will ruffle more than a few feathers on the Street – most especially Peter Barlow.

As any Corrie fan will know, Carla was once married to Daniel’s half-brother Peter Barlow - and after Daniel pushed dad Ken down the stairs, Peter and Daniel don’t have the best of brotherly relationships...

Coronation Street is on ITV Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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