EastEnders spoilers: Slaters unite over abuse scandal

Kat and Mo are convinced Jean is being abused by Ollie - but could they be very wrong?

Last updated: 21 June 2018 - 2.43pm

The Slater women may still be divided over what to do about Charlie's cab, but it looks like they've found a cause they can agree on after Kat realises Jean doesn't want to go back to Brighton - and concludes that Ollie has been hitting her.

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When Ollie subsequently turns up in Walford, Kat and Mo let him know exactly what they think of him, but if they paused to let him get a word in, would they discover that they've got the wrong end of the stick?

In other Slater news, Stacey asks Martin to move back home, much to Bex's dismay.

eastenders spoilers ian restaurant

Elsewhere, Ian plans a 'soft launch' for the restaurant, but it seems he's more interested in winning over Mel than Walford's foodies.

Unlikely vigilante Mick tries to reassure Halfway, who is feeling guilty about letting their target get away, and Bernadette is awkward around Tiffany.

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Meanwhile, Carmel decides to help the local teens by setting up a youth club - and Keegan and Louise don't have the heart to tell her that there's no way Shakil would have signed up for it.

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