Fans call for Holby City to win awards after shock episode

Strictly star Joe McFadden left the drama series after four years.

Press Association
Last updated:07 December 2017 - 11.20pm

Fans have reacted with shock after a Holby City episode left one of their favourite characters dead.

Raffaello “Raf” di Lucca died in Thursday night’s edition of the show after being shot.

Actor Joe McFadden, who will appear in the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing this weekend, had to keep his surprise exit a secret.

Fans on Twitter reported crying at the last part of the double episode, which saw McFadden leave the drama series after four years.

Twitter user @wickedlybeck simply wrote: “HOW COULD THEY KILL RAF OFF HOW COULD THEY.”

Another viewer said: “no no no no Raf my baby my heart hurts.”

Other Twitter users called for the show to win awards.

One wrote: “They need an ambulance full of awards for this special. We bow to you all for this.”

Another said: “Absolutely outstanding acting from the cast and crew ! By far the best drama and needs more recognition!”

A third wrote: “Well, #HolbyCity was flippin tense. BBC still know how to do drama. Big up to the script writers. Big BIG respect to the actors.”

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