Heartbreak on Emmerdale: Alfie the Dingle dog put down

Devastating scenes showed the Dingle family say goodbye to their trusty canine friend after nine years in the Yorkshire soap.

One thing you can say about the Dingles is that they’re a loyal bunch and tend to stick together – no matter what.

And the same can be said for Alfie the Dingle pooch who's been part of the Dingle family for an incredible nine years.

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The centre of many major Emmerdale storylines, we’ve seen him suffer rat poisoning, dig up a dead body, being run over and surviving when Lachlan gave him the kiss of life.

alfie dingle

And he’s the only Emmerdale character to appear in the opening credits. But tragically, we’ve just said goodbye to the Emmerdale legend.

In heart-wrenching scenes that aired on Wednesday night’s Emmerdale, the Dingle family gathered to bid their last goodbyes to Alfie. After discovering he had an inoperable tumour, they made the brave decision to have him put down.

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Set insiders have told us that the actors that play the Dingles cried genuine tears of sadness as they filmed the tragic scenes and he will greatly be missed by the whole Emmerdale cast and crew.

Fortunately Alfie himself is still going strong. His owner Lynda Woodrow says she made the tough but necessary decision to pull Alfie from the soap so that he could enjoy a well-earned retirement. 

“We realised Alfie was getting older as his hearing is not what it was and we felt is was kinder to put Alfie into retirement before his job got too hard for him to do it well. But be reassured in real life Alfie is enjoying retirement.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV at 7pm. 

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