Michael Wildman: Mum more excited about Emmerdale role than Spielberg film

The actor plays Ellis’s father in the soap.

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Last updated: 6 August 2019 - 12.10am

Emmerdale newcomer Michael Wildman has said his mother was more impressed when he got the job in a soap than when he was cast in a Steven Spielberg film.

The actor is joining the ITV soap as Al, Jessie Dingle’s ex, and the father of her son Ellis (Asan N’Jie).

Wildman previously appeared in Spielberg’s Ready Player One and played Magorian Centaur in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

He said of getting the Emmerdale role: “I don’t really watch that much TV to be perfectly honest with you but it was my grandma – who passed many years ago – it was her favourite soap and it is my mum’s favourite soap.

“When I got this job she was more excited about me getting this than when I got Spielberg’s job!”

In the soap, Al returns to Emmerdale after some time away and it is not initially clear what his intentions are.

But the actor predicted that he would be “ruffling a few feathers”.

“He’s going to be quite an interesting character. That’s about as much as I can probably say right now,” he said.

Wildman continued: “He’s been abroad on business, pursuing whatever he pursues.

“It’s not quite clear when he first comes in what his intentions are. Whether they are to do with business, maybe here, or whether it’s just to reunite with his son.

“But Al is the type of person that just thinks he can walk straight back into someone’s life and pick up where he left off.

“Ellis has other feelings about that.”

He continues: “He’s come back for Ellis primarily. Whether something else is linked to that is something we’ll find out…”

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV.

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